Friday, 6 November 2009


It is one of my long term wishes
to bring out the information on Vishnu
as found in Sangam texts.

In my opinion the true picture of the Tamil's beliefs in Gods
has not been brought out so far.
Most write-ups on this topic had been dealt with
pre-conceived notions dictated by
now out-dated theories of Indus valley civilization
as being Dravidian and confusing Tamils as Dravidas.
The origin of the three kings of Tamil land
was also ignored by scholars and writers.

The information found in Thiruvaalnagadu copper plates trace the origin of Cholas to Chola varman whose ancestor was Sibi belonging to the Ikshvaku dynasty of Rama.

The Pandyans trace their ancestry to Pancha paNi, the consort of Shiva.

The Cherans trace their ancestry to Parasurama.

Thus 2 out of 3 kingdoms were connected to Vishnu group of deities. Moreover the Veda dharma was well entrenched in Tamil lands from times of yore as we find frequent mention of Tamil lands as part of 'Naavalam theevu" (Jambhu dweepa) in Silappadhikaaram.

This blog aims at analyzing these issues among many others while placing on record what has been told of Vishnu or Thirumaal in sangam texts.

I am planning to begin with Paripaadal. Thirumaal is one among the 3 topics sung by Paripaadal - the other two being 'ChevvEL' (Lord Muruga) and the river Vaigai.

Initially I had a dilemma on the choice of language for this blog.

I however have decided to keep it bi-lingual (Tamil and English) as I find that there are many readers who know Tamil but can not read Tamil well. It is for the purpose of reaching out to many people I am writing this way.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Vidhur Nithi said...

Please let us mobilise an online petition to stop Aryan invasion theory from being taught in our schools across india.